July 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

The word “blog” has always seemed strange to me. “Blah” and “log” …. what a funny phonetic combination.  (Yes, I realize that “blog” is short for “web log”….but still — it’s a funny sounding word.)  Furthermore, when one is active in blogging, they are referred to as a “blogger,” which really sounds more like something you would call someone when you’re extremely upset.  “You…you…you…BLOGGER!”  I do realize that this topic has nothing to do with photographing children…or photography for that matter…but still a notable topic nonetheless.  Perhaps this is just a sign of how times have changed since my early days of “photography club” — you know, when cameras still had film in them.

No photo taking today to speak of — today is a day for the digital darkroom (ie editing on the computer.)  A day for adjusting the slider slightly to the left, then slightly to the right….then again to the left, criticizing which hair’s breath of difference earns the stamp of perfection.  Today I am editing a recent newborn session ….( well, not quite newborn, little Jacob was nearly 6 weeks) …. See what a handsome fella he is?

Have a wonderful weekend, I look forward to sharing more photos with you soon!

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