These Boots Are Made For Walking. (As well as running, climbing, and puddle jumping.)

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Childhood has it’s many quirks, phases, and rites of passage.  As parents, we yearn to preserve these charming moments, and revel in the purity of it all.  It is a fleeting time — a time when things are the way they are because, well, that is just the way they are.  It is a time of simplicity… when the world seems infinite, dreams are reality, and magic is real.  Especially if you are three feet tall and wielding a pair of novelty red rubber boots.

As luck would have it, we just so happen to own a pair of such boots.  Not only that, but I just happened to notice them making their way across the backyard the other day.

Is it just me, or do those boots seem slightly disproportionate to their wearer?

Nope, these boots were definitely too big.  This could only mean one thing …..  they were the victims of a boot-napping.  I knew it was only a matter of time before Big Brother would notice their absence…

This was too much for me.  What a monumental moment!  The red boots, which had once been Jade’s, passed down to Liam and now …. bequeathed to our little Morgie.  Like the passing of the Olympic torch, so has the tradition of red rubber boot wearing been passed down from sibling to sibling.  In my eyes, it left Liam basking in the glow of one who had just climbed up to that next rung in the Grown Up ladder.  Unfortunately, it also left him barefoot in the middle of a gravel driveway.  Could there be a better older brother?  I think not.

Dexter, always the vigilant, watched these goings on with mild interest.

It seemed official — Morgan was now an honorary member of the Red Rubber Boot: Scout’s Honor I’ll Wear Them Everyday club.

Well, I suppose you can’t keep them small forever.


Oh Happy Day.

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Noise.  Blech.  In my opinion, the world would be a better place without it.  Of course, as a photographer, I’m referring to the noise that often plagues low light photography…. but I suppose, as a mother, this noise slogan could take on a whole new meaning ;o)    You may remember my mentioning a thing or two about noisy photos in previous posts ….(primarily concerning birthday parties)….and you may also recall my mentioning of a coveted lens that is skilled in the art of low light photography.  (And covet I did.  Stare.  Oogle, even.)  Time passed….and  then we booked a wedding.  Wait — make that two weddings, with hopefully more to follow.  Exciting and promising … and totally deserving of such a low light lens.  So … here it is …. Happy Awesome New Lens Day!

I wasn’t the only one excited about the new lens — even my children caught the fever and started trying all sorts of crazy antics for me to photograph.  Remember what I said about living with goofy clowns?  I wasn’t fibbing.

Here we are in the dreaded dining room …. look, no lighting issues here ….. just a couple of break dancers?

Ok crew -- NOW we can go swimming!

Dexter, waiting so patiently for his kid buddies to come and play.

Fresh basil ..... definitely in the Top 10 Best Aromas In The World.

After surviving mowing with the mosquitoes in the backyard, Jacob was ready for a swim.

Fast forward through swimming (which was fun — although it feels like I spent half of my pool time cleaning out the random leaves and debris that the wind had blown in.   It’s incredible how much of a day with kids revolves around cleaning something.)  This particular evening I had a mini grilling assistant, which is always appreciated…….

….he decided that burgers were on the night’s menu.

You can never have enough mustard.

So, on behalf of my family, my business, and underexposed photos everywhere, I would like to echo Jade’s words to my favorite Boys In Brown (yes, I’m talking about the UPS Delivery Guy)  — “Thank you for the new lens!!”

Curly + Dimples

August 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

If you have any aversion to cuteness, then I advise you to turn back now.

(Consider yourself warned.)

We recently had the pleasure of photographing a brother and sister …. otherwise known as Curly and Dimples, as I have now decided to call them.  (Hope you don’t mind Mama B ;o)  Dimples, as it turns out, is a professional smiler, and did a wonderful job of flashing his adorable dimples left and right.  (Note:  Upon reexamination I realized that Dominic doesn’t really have dimples in the classical sense, but his smile has the same effect as a dimpled one…. leaving one with the impression that dimples were, in fact, there.  Quite the hidden talent, if I do say so myself.)   As if that weren’t enough, Dimples was tag teamed by Curly — little sister extraordinaire, and looking seriously cute with her sundress, bare toes, and of course, a head full of unbelievably springy curls.

Two kids that were too cute …. I had a feeling this was going to result in an overabundance of photos.

I was right.

We also decided to have a little fun with letters ….. What letter does your name start with?

It was too lovely a day to be spent in studio however, so we then moved the fun outdoors.  I couldn’t resist sneaking in these shots on our way out.

Outside with green grass…..a fresh breeze….and room to run?  Yes please!

The moment of the morning, I believe, was this.  The excitement in her eyes, the light in her curls …. it was one of those pure moments of childhood.

A big THANK YOU to Amaya and Dominic (er, I mean Curly and Dimples ;o) for sharing your morning with us!  Keep it cute, kiddos.


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So…you may have noticed that I have moved the furniture around a bit.  I realize that this blog isn’t quite old enough to merit a remodel, but there have been a few things here and there that haven’t quite satisfied my layout palate, which meant that a change was in order.  This new theme is closer to what I originally had in mind….it’s clean, it’s simple…. and while I have some image resizing to do now, I think I will keep it this way …. that is, until the urge to give the walls a fresh coat of paint kicks in ;o)

Funny People

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Laughter rocks.  With these silly clowns that I live with …. well, we spend a lot of time laughing.  This video clip, which was taken a little over a year ago, was recently unearthed from the archives and had us laughing just as hard as when it was first taken.  Maybe even more so.  It’s nothing fancy — just a web cam combined with a case of the sillies that happened one day after Jacob came home from work.  Jade and Liam LOVED every moment of it though and the giggles lasted well into dinner, so as the mom of this entourage, this might as well have been a blockbuster.  It is for this reason that, in spite of the fact that this posting has absolutely nothing to do with photography, I’ve decided to share it with you anyway.

(I haven’t upgraded the blog to video capability yet, so you’ll need to copy and paste the link below.  Yup, we’re going old school with this one.)

This next clip seriously left tears of laughter streaming down my face.

So as you can see, it’s official:  I have the best family ever :)

Captain Edit

August 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

Let the record state that I believe in genuine representation.  That being said, let the amendment be added that I also believe in the super power of photoshop.  It would appear that I have just contradicted myself …. and in some ways, I suppose I have.  Let me explain the goings on for this reasoning — as a person, and a mother at that, I yearn for photographs of these fleeting moments in my children’s lives.  The good, the bad, the sweet, the messy — I want it all.  (And I know you mamas out there are nodding your heads in agreement on this one.)  The trick is that I want these moments documented perfectly, which life doesn’t always allow for because little Johnny’s funny grin won’t wait for you to adjust your camera settings since he’s decided to jump from shadow to full light.  Helloooo overexposure! This is where Superhero Photoshop comes in to save the day —  White balance, color correction, contrast, levels, curves … (getting bored yet? start the drum roll please) … and the super cool super power of blemish healing.  POW! How does this cohabitate with genuine representation though?  Well… is you in the image, just you on a good day.  Don’t we all wish we could be photographed only on our good days??  (Admit it — you’re nodding your head again.)  I thoroughly enjoy giving those “good days” to my clients — to be able to give new parents the gift of six hours of sleep the night before instead of three (at least superficially) feels pretty darn good.  I know… removing a one-day blemish from a portrait might not be saving the world from any imminent doom and destruction, but if it results in a photo being framed that might not have otherwise seen the light of day, then I say go for it.  So three cheers for Superhero Photoshop and Captain Edit!  …. Just don’t expect to see me running around with underwear over my tights anytime soon.

(Ha — This is where you would expect me to insert a photo to go along with that tights and underwear statement.  Nope.  Not gonna get it.)

You may, however, remember the little and lovely Lyla that we had in studio awhile back…  now there are more photos that I would like to share with you (in exciting new blog board format!  Except it’s currently only in one format, which does make it a tad less exciting… but only by a smidge.)  Once again I was wowed by this dark beauty’s stunning display of shiny dark hair (baby soft of course!)

The image below was a joy to edit.  There was just something about the pose, light and subject interplay that seemed so elemental.  (Which is perhaps what inspired such earthy tones.)

We’re all guilty of being curious as to what everyone’s images look like straight out of camera, raw and untouched.  Myself included.  Therefore I’ve  provided an example below for comparison of before and post digital darkroom, with sweet Lyla as our model ….. who wouldn’t want to look at her adorable face twice?

A round of thanks to Lyla and family again for coming to our studio, and congratulations on your new adventure!

Call of the Wild

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Tuesday.  Much like any other weekday, except on these mornings I am in a race with the garbage man to see who can reach the end of my driveway first.  (Thankfully, I won again today.)  Upon returning from my Garbage Can Race, a hawk caught my eye.  Hmm — no big deal, living out in the woods like we do, we hear them all the time.  But this feathered guy was sitting on the pool.  On the pool? Yup, and seemingly as content as could be.  He even jumped onto one of the baby floats and showed off his mad bouncing skills.  Bouncing skills?? This was a job for Super Camera.

Naturally I tried sneaking closer….but apparently my flip flops and I aren’t a recipe for stealth, as the pool lounging hawk then flew off and took refuge in the nearby trees.  I was hot in pursuit, with my kiddos tucked safely indoors, their noses pressed against the windows… and left to wonder what their loco mother was doing creeping about the yard with a camera at 8:00 in the morning.  Chasing birds no less.

Satisfied, I returned to the house to resume the routine of the day.  Approximately one hour later, my daughter called me to the living room window, pointing to two spotted fawns that were timidly exploring the wooded backyard.  Opening the door as quietly as possible, I scooted towards them as closely as I dared (stealth was more readily achieved this time sans flip flops.)  As I should have known, my children were right on my heels, but surprisingly, the deer seemed to be as curious about us as we were about them.  At one point it seemed almost as though they were having their own private discussion …. perhaps a consultation on who these strange clothed creatures were that were silently (or perhaps not so silently) scooting about the woods ?

Time passed…. we “ooed” and “awwed;” and after explaining to Liam twice why we couldn’t have a fawn as a pet, the pair eventually grew bored of us and frolicked their way back into the overgrown woods.  Since the morning breeze was so pleasant we decided to linger outdoors awhile longer … and within five minutes look what we found!

So while this morning didn’t go as planned, I didn’t mind.  Sometimes, going a little wild is just what you need ;o)

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