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August 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

“Self, I would like for you to post at least 2 blog entries a week.”  Um…..Self, where did the week go??  Well, wherever it went, it went quickly and brought with it the booking of more sessions and a wedding!  Happy Monday!

This past weekend, we hosted yet another birthday party —  this time for my grandfather,or “Old Grandpa” as my children fondly call him, who is celebrating his 84th birthday.  (Eighty-four years?! I really hope that I inherited that long and full life gene.)  The festivities were fun, the house was full, and of course my camera was busily clicking away.  With so many memories to catch and a cake to document (one that I spent more time on than I am willing to admit and has resulted in a love/hate relationship with fondant,) can you blame me?  Happy Birthday Grandpa!  Maybe next year we really will try putting 85 candles on your birthday cake!

Notice how I didn't photoshop out the fondant creases in that top layer? I reeeeally wanted to fake perfection, but I didn't. I am an amateur cake maker, and dang proud of it.

So did you notice that there’s a touch less noise in these photos than the ones I took a week ago?  Same location….same lighting conditions….same camera and lens….the only change was my level of stubbornness and the use of a low flash.  Does this make me a natural light always mostly photographer?  I guess we all live and learn….and occasionally let one little toe slide across to the “dark side.”


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