Curly + Dimples

August 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

If you have any aversion to cuteness, then I advise you to turn back now.

(Consider yourself warned.)

We recently had the pleasure of photographing a brother and sister …. otherwise known as Curly and Dimples, as I have now decided to call them.  (Hope you don’t mind Mama B ;o)  Dimples, as it turns out, is a professional smiler, and did a wonderful job of flashing his adorable dimples left and right.  (Note:  Upon reexamination I realized that Dominic doesn’t really have dimples in the classical sense, but his smile has the same effect as a dimpled one…. leaving one with the impression that dimples were, in fact, there.  Quite the hidden talent, if I do say so myself.)   As if that weren’t enough, Dimples was tag teamed by Curly — little sister extraordinaire, and looking seriously cute with her sundress, bare toes, and of course, a head full of unbelievably springy curls.

Two kids that were too cute …. I had a feeling this was going to result in an overabundance of photos.

I was right.

We also decided to have a little fun with letters ….. What letter does your name start with?

It was too lovely a day to be spent in studio however, so we then moved the fun outdoors.  I couldn’t resist sneaking in these shots on our way out.

Outside with green grass…..a fresh breeze….and room to run?  Yes please!

The moment of the morning, I believe, was this.  The excitement in her eyes, the light in her curls …. it was one of those pure moments of childhood.

A big THANK YOU to Amaya and Dominic (er, I mean Curly and Dimples ;o) for sharing your morning with us!  Keep it cute, kiddos.

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