Happy New Year!

September 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Confession:  I do realize that I have been blogging about my children somewhat occasionally quite a bit as of late.  That being said …. this blog is all about my journey through the wonderful biz that is photography …. and well, my giblets take up a huge portion of journey.  Like little sidecars on a motorcycle …. it’s just better traveling with them there :o)   So, without further adieu, I would like to share with you one of the most pivotal days of the year — the first day of school!! (With the promise that some very business related posts are coming soon!)

Departing for school, equipped with a red backpack and a yellow missle? Not sure about that one ... but if I had an answer to everything my children ever did I would have more than a book, and possibly a Pulitzer.

Perhaps second only to Christmas (ok, and maybe birthdays too,) the first day of school is one of THE most anticipated days of the year. New Year’s isn’t on January 1st, it pops up somewhere around Labor Day with a new school calendar and a crock pot filled with resolutions.  (Which I resolve to keep this year.)  The precipice of a major life change –this is the reality that comes crashing down as you take those first steps towards that big yellow bus which will carry you to your doom.  Er, I mean destiny.  Remember that feeling?  I bet most of us do all too well.  Excitement mixed with nervousness, dead feet mixed with sweaty palms and the fear that you might actually throw up on that poor unsuspecting kid sitting next to you (who’s probably just trying to not throw up on the kid next to him.)  What if you can’t find your classroom?  What if your teacher is a grouch?  What if she’s an alien sent down to suck out your brain and replace it with juice?  Hey, it could happen.  You never know.

To prevent from becoming mosquito chowder, we hid in the minivan while waiting for the bus. Feeling giddy, the kids didn't seem to mind.

More excited than nervous :) You're right ... the chances of a brain sucking alien teaching at at school ARE pretty nil.

Two-thirds of my little flock are in school now …. little academic scholars having their minds filled with knowledge and know-how (and hopefully not alien selected juice.)  Having only one child at home ….. one ….. will be different.  More than different — it will be nice.  Time to spend with my youngest, my little carrot-topped baby, without sibling interruption.  Time to savor his new words and goofy games before he too goes off to receive his own formal eduction and begin to lead a life that is his and his alone.  Which, any seasoned mother will tell you, will be on our doorstep much too quickly.

Admittedly, my two year old “baby” isn’t technically a baby anymore.  (But he’s the smallest in the house, which is good enough for me ;o)  There is another fast growing baby that you may or may not have heard about …. a little sweet pea that is reaching for the stars in her sleep.  Literally.  Check out Mila’s Daydreams if you haven’t already — it’s the most endearing combination of creativity and chubby cheeks.

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