Fun on Friday {book of the week}

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Allow me to introduce you to a little project that I have been secretly scheming…..a soon to be famous (hmm) weekly segment that goes by the name of “Fun on Friday.”  Some may even be so bold as to refer to it as a “Children’s Book of the Week!” line up.  Being a children’s photographer, I have a love for all things kiddo — being a mother, I have an innate passion for it.  As parents we obsess over doctor’s visits, healthy snack choices, and the color of their poo; but perhaps one of the greatest services we can provide our children with is to simply read to them.  Every day.  From birth.  Research supports that even just 15 minutes of reading before bedtime can have a positive and lasting effect on a child’s academic development.  Fifteen minutes. That’s the average amount of time someone spends on Facebook every time they log on.  (Don’t ask me how I know that.)  Want to go past the 15 minute marker?  Even better. (Of course I’m referring to reading, not Facebook ;o)

You may have noticed that there are about a gazillion books circulating the world which are being marketed towards children….. and as with all things, some are “better” than others.  I say “better” because well, I like them better.  (Strict criteria, I know.)  One should take note my official disclaimer of that I am not an official/licensed/reimbursed reviewer of children’s books  — but my family and I do have a talent for developing favorites, which I intend to share with you every Friday.  (Or at least I promise, in the words of my kids, ‘to try really super hard’ to post one every Friday.)  By the way, since I have three little giggle monsters, we do tend to lean towards books that display a sense of humor.

Oh — and feel free to join in and share any favorites that you might have!  We’re always looking for new adventures, so tell a friend!  The more the merrier!

Now…..the big reveal…..the first book of Fun on Friday ….. CLICK CLACK MOO Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin, pictures by Betsy Lewin, published by Scholastic. Perhaps already wide known, this book tops my list for it’s wit and storyline charm.  Not to mention that it has been distinguished as an Caldecott Honor Book (ie the illustrations are incredible and award winning.)

After one read, I dare you to not love that duck as much as I do :o)

Happy Reading!


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