A How-To. {book of the week}

September 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

With a child’s imagination, magic and adventure can be found just about anywhere, hidden around any corner, just waiting to be discovered.  During the changing of the seasons, this excitement and wonderment increases ten fold, with perhaps the incredibly vibrant autumn leaves being the most treasured (and fleeting) time of all.  This wonderland has inspired this week’s selection for Fun on Friday ….. How to Find Flower Fairies by Frederick Warne & Co., published by Penguin Books.

An intricate pop-up book that impresses even the grown-up eye, this book amazes young readers as it brings them into a magical, yet incredibly real world with every delicate turn of the page.

Continue the fun outdoors with your own fairy exploration, utilizing all the new “how to” techniques you and your child just learned.  Eyes will grow wide with excitement at the discovery of each clue that reveals that a fairy had been there.  It’s the perfect time for imaginations to run wild!

Happy Reading!  (And Exploring!)

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