Farming Town.

September 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Many of you may be acquainted with our dear sweet town of Osceola ….. some of you may not.  It’s little.  It’s cute.  (Think Preserve America Award.  Yup– we got it.)  We have a charming waterfall and charming bluffs along the charming river — like a miniature Stillwater, MN …. only surrounded by farms on all sides.

Now some of you may know this, some of you may not …. but I don’t really consider myself a farm girl.  Not a true one, anyway.  I can’t tolerate the smell of manure and am irritated by overly exuberant roosters; but even that doesn’t prevent me from appreciating the beauty and the value in family farms.  In fact, I can hardly visualize a perfect WI countryside without a distant red barn to complete it.  To be a farmer is a hard life filled with rewards that go beyond the value of money, and a profession that goes beyond the 9 to 5.  It is a life to be respected.

At least, that WAS what this blog was going to be about today.  Inspired by the beautiful morning drive, I had decided to take my camera out to snap a few shots of the neighboring cows that had been moved to graze in an area alongside the road, all the while mentally composing a blogal tribute to the wonderful farms that have become an indirect part of my daily life.  That is, until I snapped this photo.

Hold on.  Is that cow growling at me?

Now, I may get lost plowing a field, and I may lose more cows than I round up, but I’m fairly certain that cows do not growl.  They moo….occasionally bellow….but never grrrrrowl. I would like to think that, were cows to evolve the ability to growl, they would somehow sense my deeper appreciation for their lot in life, and therefore not growl at me. To be fair, it is quite likely that this apparently disgruntled cow was just merely busy chewing away when this shot was taken…..or perhaps, just perhaps, I documented the first growling cow in history.


I’ll let you be the judge ;o)

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