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October 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

There recently was a beautiful fall day where a man and woman stood amidst the majesty of rolling hills and evening light, and pledged their life and love to each other.  Overlooking a gorgeous private lake, standing before family and friends, two lives became one.  It was beautiful day, filled with laughter and love.

And we were the ones to photograph it.

It was an honor to be a part of Ben and Amy’s special day.  A part of the Wedding Day Crew, gathered together to make sure that this day of all days went off without a hitch.  It was exhilarating.  It was  inspiring.  And considering it was our first time, it was also slightly terrifying.  To be the one responsible for the final piece of a wedding day — that final piece that will ultimately be the only piece that they are left with after their day is done — it’s kind of an incredibly serious thing.  So I prepared.  I charged my batteries, packed my memory cards, kissed my new lens for luck, and took a deep breath.

And dove in.

In retrospect, I probably needn’t have worried so much, for I soon realized a truth that wedding photographers alone are privileged to witness: that each bride and groom set have their own unique magic about them.  They radiate love, happiness, and amazement at the fact that the day they have prepared for for so long is finally upon them.  Each moment is unique to them and them alone, never to be fully duplicated or repeated, but the details of which will be preserved forever.  All I needed to do was photograph it.

Anticipating these moments so that my camera was already clicking away when they happened is what I loved the most.  Catching the true moments — the silly, the sweet, the laughter …. these are the memories a couple strives to hold on to, and the images that they will treasure the most.

The groom that can’t wait for another kiss from his giggling bride.

The ring bearer who tried the same thing, and the flower girl who would have preferred if he hadn’t.

The shoes that would only be worn once…

….and the bouquet that tied it all together.

The once little girl whose eyes always looked up to her father…..

…. who now has grown and been given in love to another.

Congratulations Ben and Amy, and thank you for having enough faith in us to be our first wedding :)  I hope you enjoyed these Sneak Peek Photos, and I look forward to sharing more of the memories with you soon!


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