Have You Made a Friend Today?

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Liam made a new friend today.  (And by “today” I mean “last week,” which is when these photos were actually taken.  So much for current events ;o)  Personally, I have always liked salamanders …. they are little (why are little things always so stinkin’ cute??) they’re slightly slimy, and they can grow a new tail should their current tail become detached from their body.  How crazy cool is that? Salamander – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It was a cool day, so we found this amphibian critter trying to seek shelter under what was presumably a cozy rock.  Liam, however, has entered the childhood phase of “it’s not cold Mom,” rejecting his coat and donning only a pair of gloves.  I’m sure Mr. Sal didn’t mind the extra comfort they provided though.  Or the camaraderie :)

Speaking of camaraderie, check out this cuddlebug moment in my latest Sneak Peek photo!  Isn’t making new friends the greatest?


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