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Today I was thinking about how incredibly sweet it would be for a husband to surprise his wife with beautiful, professional portraits of their children for Christmas.  I can’t think of a better gift for a mama, can you?  A stretch canvas under the tree….possibly a set of three?….containing the most precious faces in the world, just waiting to be proudly displayed.  Or a box filled with prints, already sized to fit the frames that Mom has been meaning to update.   I know I would love it — my hands threaten to clap with joy just at the thought of it.  So daddies, if you’re reading this, you can expand past the standard jewelery set; and if the thought of tackling a session with the kids alone makes your knees weak, I am here to help (but if even that isn’t enough to qualm your fears, a session gift certificate would also work ;)  And to all you mamas who are reading this, it’s time to start hinting.  (I find that heavily, saturated with obviousness, works best.)

Naturally, this led me down the path of other holiday gift ideas …. (and before Halloween even arrives, I know — it’s practically indecent) …. but it occurred to me that there are many other quality, but perhaps not yet widely known, products out there.  For instance, an artist that goes by the name of Wayfaring Art who makes the most incredible handmade leather-bound journals that you will ever find.  It doesn’t stop at journals though — find out more about Nicole and her Etsy shop at http://www.wayfaringart.etsy.com   (Tell her Kelsea says hi!)  Coffee drinkers will likely find their happy haven at http://www.openeyecoffee.com, where coffee is more than a morning beverage, it’s a passion that is evident in every single sip of jo.  Having personally witnessed Bob and Thomasina’s roasting process (or at least part of it,) I can confidently vouch for their incredible precision and attention to detail, as well as the tantalizing aroma that envelops you.  Even better than that though is their adorable little daughter ……

…..who will make her grand debut in a later post.  (Isn’t she funny?)  And surprise! Baby #2 is on the way, which means this little peanut is going to be a big sister!  So, until then, pick up an order of Jamaican Me Crazy blend– it will tie you over until more photos from that day make it to the blog:)  (And believe you me, I am just itching to get to those photos!)

My second to the last tidbit is about a boy that I am, admittedly, sweet on.  He has bright blue eyes, blond hair, and at times a mischievous look which, coupled with his chubby cheeks, undoubtedly means trouble.  His name is Caden, and he belongs to one of my BFFs (yes, I’m electing to remain young and hip and have “BFFs,”) but for all intensive purposes, he may as well be my nephew.  The downside?  He lives six hours away (insert big sad puppy face here.)  I was fortunate enough to be able to sneak away for a weekend over the summer to visit them though, and have been meaning to blog about it, but like any good BFF, I have yet to scratch the surface in editing the photos I took during those two brief days.  You may recognize him though, if you’ve ever emailed with me….

Consider yourself officially introduced to the unofficial face of Jay & Kay Photography…..or, as he is otherwise known, the little monkey.

Caden & I!

Caden — I promise to edit my photos of you and provide you with the bragging rights of a blog posting.  Someday.   (His mom is totally chuckling right now.)

FINALLY my last tidbit for the day, and one that I am uber excited about — we entered our three little giblets into the Gap Casting Call Contest!  Don’t worry, I’m not going to start entering beauty pageants and covering my kids in powder and lipstick (sorry, but that is totally not my thing,) however it is practically impossible for me to pass up an opportunity to enter a photo contest, while getting to show off my kids at the same time.  A mother’s dream. So, without further adieu, here is the link to Morgan’s entry….. feel free to check it out (and then share it with everyone you know and everyone who knows them.)  What can I say?  The kids all decided to grow at the same time (again) and need new clothes (again.)

Gap Casting Call – Entry Detail.

(I call this the “Please vote for me?  I’m the youngest of three, and let’s face it, I’m my parents’ last shot at BabyGap” entry ;)

Jade is contestant #580374, Liam is #570343, and Morgan has another entry under #567107.  Up to five entries are accepted … which leaves me with just one more.  One entry….two remaining children with single entries…it’s a dilemma.  Check back later to see if I’m ever able to make up my mind.

Speaking of which, it’s almost tomorrow — which means it’s almost time to place a new day’s vote.

I have to do it.  It’s for the kids.


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