Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy.

October 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

The bond between brothers is a sight to behold.  As a mother to two little boys, I am privileged to witness this amazing love every day.  They wrestle.  They run.  They camp out in the living room.  They laugh.  They do everything — as long as they’re together.  As it were, there just so happens to be someone else I know who understands what it means to be a mother of sons all too well.  Times four, actually :)

Our morning together was nothing short of fantastic — and boy oh boy, do these boys like to have fun!

We played.

We hugged.

We hit the town.

We flashed our baby blues.  (Be still my heart.)

We hammed up the nooks and crannies…..

…and explored the wide river.

We peeked.

We giggled.

We even showed off a little muscle….

…and raced like the little monsters we have all been known to be.

We might have even gotten a case of the sillies.  (But I’ll never tell.)

We had a morning of fun, and I am happy to say that I have four new little friends.  What cutie pies they are too — thanks for clowning around with me!

Does one of these faces look familiar?  You might remember him from Say Hello to My Little Friends. « Kay’s Corner.  There’s another sweet familiar face at “The Big Why” — find it under the Children + Family tab on the Road Map :)

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