Dare I Ask? {trick or treating + book of the week}

October 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

Winning the lottery would be incredible.  Being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize would certainly make your day.  Having Halloween fall on a weekend…..well, when you’re a kid, it doesn’t get much better than that.  An entire weekend filled with fun and festivities — starting with some early trick-or-treating fun for the little tykes this afternoon!  A big thanks to the town and businesses of Osceola for putting on the fun!

This was the first year that Morgan was really able to get into it, and you could tell that his expectations were high.  Two minutes in, his patience was well rewarded.  Things were off to a great start!

Big brother Liam, er, I mean Super Ninja Extraordinaire, was able to tag along as well.  Orange pumpkin signs were used to denote participating businesses …. but my unlikely duo were willing to try any door.  You know, just in case ;o)

Granted, there were a few tricks in our day …. as in one or two bathroom emergencies, and costumes that wouldn’t hold their exact placement (I never realized ninjas were so particular about their face coverings) … but thankfully there were many more treats than tricks.  The biggest treat?  Seeing all the familiar faces in town, toddling around in their adorable/fierce/I really need to pinch your cheeks now holiday apparel.  What a great time — and the weekend is only just beginning!  (Thankfully Jade does not need to be in school for the rest of it.)

Don’t forget to take a break from the sugar this weekend to cuddle up with your favorite monsters (or princesses/super heroes/fuzzy creatures) to read the Fun on Friday book of the week:  The ABC’s of Halloween by Patti Reeder Eubank. Filled with delightful ghosts, witches, and pumpkins galore, this book is sure to set the holiday mood (with a little alphabet practice as well!)

Amazon.com: The ABC’s of Halloween (0077031054678): Patti Reeder Eubank: Books: Reviews, Prices & more.

Happy Reading, and may your holiday weekend be filled with more treats than tricks!

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