Alaska Jack

November 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

The sun was shining…. the air was warm… the falling leaves a vibrant display of wonder.  It was an absolutely perfect, it-doesn’t-get-better-than-this day for a family photo session.

Only this session wasn’t booked for that day.  It was scheduled for the day after.  Which was cold, windy and wet.  An absolutely miserable, not-a-prayer-of-seeing-any-sunshine-or-a-square-foot-of-dry-ground day.  So out the window all my outdoor plans flew, and onto the camera went my low-light lens.  You know what though?  Everything worked out fine … because you see, this little guy brought his own rays of sunshine with him.  And just like that, the day suddenly didn’t seem so gloomy.

He knew this day was special.  He knew he was here to have fun.  I bet he even knew that his mother had specially coordinated this session with their trip back “home” from where they are now living in Alaska.  This was a big day, rain or shine, so little Jack gave the camera all he had…

Which was wonderful :)

It was quite an honor being asked to shoot his Six Month Session, and humbling that they wanted to take time out of their family vacation in order for me to do so.  This was one of those situations in which your answer is a whole hearted, “My pleasure.”

Four generations.  Isn’t that incredible??

After all the fun, Jack was ready to end the session with a Mama Snuggle.

Which we all know, is the best kind there is :)


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