One. Cool. Dude.

November 15, 2010 § 8 Comments

RULE # 1:  Perfect light is never to be wasted.

RULE #2:  If your sister-in-law/photography nut calls you with crazed enthusiasm about such light and you say “My baby and I will be right there!” then well, you totally rock.

RULE #3:   Don’t leave home without a hat.

RULE #4:    Spontaneous photo sessions means spontaneous child care (ie there is none…..) means one highly distracted little cousin.

RULE #5:   Pumpkins are magical, and are also never to be wasted.

RULE #6:  Little toes don’t stay little for long.  Love them.  Tickle them.  Cherish them.

(RULE #7:  Little fingers and little noses grow fast too.  Don’t forget to also give those lots and lots of  kisses as well.)

RULE #8:   A two-toothed smile will melt your heart like butter.

RULE #9 AND #10:  No matter how cool our little dudes get, we will always be their mothers.

Yup — that is definitely something to be happy about :)

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§ 8 Responses to One. Cool. Dude.

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