Everything is in Little Things

November 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

This weekend my family and I spent some time watching old family video. (And by “old” I mean four years ago.  Our bit of history doesn’t go back very far yet, but I expect time will change that.)  A clip that I found to be very profound, although at the time it was taken it seemed anything but, was during one afternoon when Jade had just earned the right to hold up two fingers for her age, and we were expecting Liam any day.  In other words, I was huge, even without the extra 10 lbs the camera added, and definitely without the benefit of professional maternity photography (a self admitted life regret.)  However, what impacted me the most was the simplicity of that moment and of the intense two years that Jade and I shared alone together as the girls of house, outnumbering Daddy two to one, with tea time and tutus and talking fairies filling our days.  One second of my life today wouldn’t be traded for the world, but it was a visual reminder of how much easier it was then for me to take the time to soak in those little moments when there was only one adorable munchkin instead of three.  The details of a day can pass us by with incredible ease in the rush to keep on schedule, in the effort to fit it all in, and in the duties that need to be filled in a role of responsibility.

At any rate, it gave me pause, as I’m sure it does any mother who has found that even though one’s heart may continue to double in size with love for each child, the number of minutes in a day still stubbornly remains the same.  So while my daughter may be nearly halfway to fourteen, there are still the same freckles and eyelashes….

… the shoes that still need growing into….

…and the hair that glistens in the sunshine.

Tea time might have been infiltrated with Tonka trucks, and fairies now go on missions with GI Joe, but these little things are still around.  In fact, they may just be better than ever (times three.)  It only takes a commitment to watch for them :)

Looking for a fun and creative way to capture your little bit of history?  You might recognize this blog from previous posts, but take a peek at the latest creative outburst from Adele at Mila’s Daydreams: How to make an unique family tree.  Family genealogy never looked more fun!

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