A Piece of Cake

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Over the weekend three things happened:

  1. Approximately 22 inches of snow fell in one day, inspiring words like “snowmaggeddon” and grumblings about why this couldn’t have happened on a school day….
  2. The inflatable roof of the Minneapolis Metrodome collapsed under the weight of all that snow  (video is all over YouTube, for my fellow tech geeks out there,)
  3. I made a chocolate cake.

I’ll consent that the chocolate cake was the one event that the local news failed to report on, but it was big buzz at our house.  We had been held hostage by the blowing and drifting snow for two days (mind numbing, isn’t it? ;o) and the cabin fever was starting to set in, along with the “stop looking at me’s” and the “he/she started it’s,” so we decided to take all that unchanneled energy and put it to work with Betty Crocker. Why stop at just cake though…..when you could have the entire restaurant experience?  Perfecto!  So in the pot went the pasta, and out I sent the waiter to collect everyone’s orders (“Good evening sir.  Would you like the spaghetti with salad, or the salad with spaghetti?”) Down went the lights, and around the silverware rolled the napkins.  It was fancy…..with a quality of service that would rival even the likes of Olive Garden.

When noodle time was over, it was time for the cake.  Naturally I suggested it needed a few pieces of flair, and so unearthed the chocolate sprinkles and my Wilton decorating tips.  Jade requested that it be a birthday cake, so out came the long and spindly sparkler birthday candles that love to send ash everywhere.  It was then that we realized we were facing a problem ….. just whose birthday should this cake be credited towards?  Choosing one person over the others would throw the cake-birthday ratio desperately out of whack, which would undoubtedly result in disastrous consequences.  And so it was in this fashion that our little “Happy Family Cake” came to be born.

Stifling a giggle, I carried the cake (with a dangerously high number of madly sparking away candles) to the table while a chorus of “Happy Family To Us” rang throughout the room.  Morgan was seated in the middle with Jade and Liam on either side, and all three faces simply radiated excitement in the soft candle light — for this was a cake that not only celebrated one person, but all of them equally and simultaneously.  It was a moment for us.  After finishing our song we each took a turn making a wish for our family (Morgan’s fingers opted to get a head start on the frosting instead) and then together all blew the candles out.  (Which took a very entertaining length of time, considering the record setting number of candles there were :)

It was just what we needed.  The fighting had stopped, the smiles back on, and unity strong once again.  There isn’t a single photo to share with you from this evening, for as much as I was dying to sneak away to get the camera, I was dying even more to stay and not miss a single second of the moment that I knew would be over all too soon.  So while I now miss the would be photos…. I at least know that I am not missing any would be memories.  Which is ok.  (And besides …. who doesn’t love a reason to make another cake?)

Heroically the weekend was saved, and the kids returned to running wild again — only this time together and laughing instead of, well, not.  However, despite this salvation, we are still left with nearly two fresh feet of snow on the ground, a sidewalk with banks so high that to Morgan it must surely look like Daddy just parted the Red Sea, and a football team that now has more of an outdoor than indoor stadium.  What a mess.  I imagine that there are probably all sorts of “stop looking at me’s” and “he/she started it’s” circling around that table talk of business, don’t you think?

I know — maybe they should make a cake.


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