The Art of Doing {book of the week}

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am feeling squirmy.

The kids and husband are feeling squirmy.

The dog even has a squirm-like appearance.

All blame goes to cabin fever.

To counteract all this restlessness, this week’s Fun on Friday posting is focusing a bit more on doing, and slightly less on reading.  Cue I Can Draw Animals by Usborne Playtime Books.

The jist of this book is fairly clear cut — it shows children how to draw a line-up of animals, in an easy to follow step by step format.  Reading …. following directions … and cute artwork to bring fresh color to your home?  It’s a definite winner.

Coloring won’t last forever though, and at some point creative fingers are going to crave a little more excitement.  Usually this happens in our house when our craft stock is at record lows, but construction paper is a staple that always seems to be in endless supply.  Not sure where to get started?  I Can Cut and Stick by Usborne Playtime Books is sure to get the ball rolling!

Like the other Usborne Book, this how-to is written in easy to follow step by step format as well, with brilliant illustrations and colorful ideas.  Add embellishments to your creations for even more fun and pizazz!

For you moms (and dads too!) I have a special treat :)  There has been a spike in new interest in dSLR purchases, and a desire to learn how to better use your new equipment.  I’m excited to share with you that the photography forum have launched a new seasonal publication, Click Magazine. (see below)  From tips to seeking out desirable light to how your manual settings make a difference, this fun little read will provide insight and inspiration to all photogs, whether new or seasoned :)


Happy Reading!


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