Bathtime Fun {book of the week}

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Today I am pulling an old favorite of ours off the shelf.  (Read: a very much abused, er, I mean loved, copy that will not be happily photographed.)  So I will leave it to you to click over to Amazon to check out the front cover, or to find it at your local library to flip through the pages.  And I truly hope you do so, for this little story is both fun and funny, pulling at the heartstrings of anyone who has any degree of sentiment over the bond between brothers.

Which I obviously do. No More Water in the Tub! 9780140564303: Tedd Arnold: Books.

No More Water In The Tub! by Tedd Arnold is a delightful book illustrating the story which older brother Walter tells younger brother William during young Will’s bath.  William is enthralled by the wild tale of a runaway bathtub in their apartment building, with him as it’s primary occupant.  My children have enjoyed this story immensely over the years, and now I am privileged enough to hear my own daughter read this story to her two younger brothers… during which, I can’t help but wonder at how very real a possibility it is to substitute my own Liam and Morgan with Walter and William’s characters, and the wild tale they themselves would have to tell :)

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this book — Happy Reading!


Little Lady.

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The cutest li’l lady you ever did see came to visit the other day.

One of those precious souls that is filled to the brim with personality and sweetness…

Who has that little twinkle in their eye…

So that when she smiled…I knew a piece of my heart was about to melt.

I was putty in her perfectly chubby little hands.

Since you only turn one once, we decided to do it right :)

Have you ever seen anything sweeter?

Neither have I :)

Daddy was even offered some of the loot.

Now that is love.

Being the brave northerners that we are, we decided to bundle up and step outside the studio….where we were greeted with considerably mild temps, but disappointingly icy conditions.

So that was a wrap :)

Thank you so much to darling K, and her parents for blessing me with this wonderful morning.  Her beautiful eyes and smile still warm my heart!


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A strange phenomenon has been happening lately.  Women of all ages, from all walks of life, are being …


It all started when my husband and I took our three miniatures to see Disney’s animated feature, “Tangled” in a local theater.  Jade loved the princess, Morgan adored the popcorn, and Liam found himself captivated by the scene where Flint, the unlikely hero and love interest, delivers his line of “here comes the smolder,” and then proceeds to make a face of squinty eyes and kissy lips with the intent of wooing his fair maiden.    And so it is, as Liam says when he has something stuck in his head, “I’m stuck to it Mom.”   (Apparently the fact that Flint is knocked over the head with a frying pan after delivering this smolder has no effect on its appeal whatsoever.)    

"Here comes the smolder."

Since that day I have been smoldered on a daily basis.  As have teachers, friends, family members, and any other woman that has been fortunate enough to share any part of any day with us….and the best part is, it is completely impossible not to adore it.  How remarkable is it that a twisted up face of squinty eyes and kissy lips brings a smile to your day?  And, as Liam discovered when he smoldered the dear lady working at the post office, it can also bring a fresh bakery-baked chocolate chip cookie (with instructions to share it with your younger brother of course.)  Who knew?

I am a lucky (smoldered) lady indeed :)

Behind the Scenes

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As some of you may already know from following on Facebook (and if you haven’t heard you can go here to read the news:   A Note from Me to You. 1.) there are a lot of changes being made for this spring, which means a pair of feet (mine) have been busily shuffling around behind closed doors.  Busy looking at different professional web hosts, blog hosts, printers and print products etc and the shuffling of feet is increasing more as spring comes closer and closer to arriving.  This means that I might be blogging less and planning more.  Posting fewer photos and spending more time determining which album sets will best showcase such photos for some very deserving clients.

So I wanted to take a moment to thank you.  Thank you for your patience while I take the time needed to focus on building a service that will provide consumers with quality they can be excited about.  Thank you for returning to see when and where to this ol’ blog will relocate.  Thank you for meeting me here at Kay’s Corner and enjoying the fun of children and life and the photographs they provide us with.  Yikes this is starting to sound like a farewell letter, isn’t it?  It’s not — I will still be blogging, just perhaps less frequently, and yes, Fridays will still be Fun around here :)  (Please feel welcome to sign up for an email subscription to keep yourself in the loop —  this option is available on the Kay’s Corner homepage.)  Just know, that if I seem distracted and preoccupied with other things … well, it’s because I am.  And I can’t wait to show you what it’s all about when it’s finished :o)

Thank you!


It’s Raining Hearts {book of the week + freebie}

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A peek into yesterday:

Me, digging through the living room book basket:  “Liam, have you seen the book The Day It Rained Hearts anywhere?”

Liam:  “Um…”

Me, still digging:  “Are you sure?”

Liam:  “Um….yes.”

Me:  “Morgan, have you seen a book with hearts on it?”

Morgan:  “What?”

Me:  “Have you seen a book with hearts on it?”

Morgan:  “What?”

Me, with a sigh:  “Nevermind.  Thanks anyway buddy.”

This was followed by combing through + straightening up the kids’ bedrooms upstairs, searching for the apparently long lost selection to this week’s Fun on Friday posting.  The book was not in either bedroom, but I did find where Jade has secretly been keeping her library books (under the bed) and where Liam has been secretly keeping my old reading glasses (in his desk.) I just had to smile at their choices for treasured items worthy of hiding :)   My tale does have a happy ending though — guess where I eventually found the evasive picture book?  In the original book basket that I had first looked in.

Of course.

So, without any further adieu, The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond.

This is the sweetest story of a little girl named Cornelia Augusta, who happened upon a day that happened to be raining hearts.

And like any sweet little girl would do, she put these hearts to perfect use…

…by thinking of others….

Which resulted in a happy ending (as helping others always does :)

Also, this week I came across some very cute (and free!) Valentine printouts that I wanted to share with you (see link below.)  They are the most perfect little packages for that hug or kiss on Valentine’s Day :)

Simply J Studio: free valentine printable.

Happy Reading, and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Brown-Eyed Girl

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Meet Lyla.

Lyla, meet….everyone.  (Say “hi!”)

This little girl is something extra special to me.  Her mama and I go waaaaay back (not that far back — how old do you think we are? ;o) and when we received news that she was expecting their first child it was an incredibly joyous occasion.  The birth of her baby girl was only more exciting (and so was getting the chance to take photos for her;) and now, six months later, I am baffled by how much time could have gone by that quickly — for here she is now, sitting and smiling and looking oh-so-adorable in her pink little tutu.

This little one is so fun, so curious, and so very much wants to get a hold of my camera.

(Which she did come close to getting a few times ;o)

I have mentioned how adorable she is, right?

Not to mention that hat.  It’s perfect.

Of course I had to sneak in a few photos of the pretty mama as well …. I technically wasn’t supposed to take any, but I think she’ll forgive me :)

(I am forgiven, aren’t I Lyla?)

Hmm :)

Thank you so much baby Lyla, for bringing a smile to my day :)

(Love you!)

Special Delivery

February 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

The best things in life come in the smallest of packages.

Diamond rings …. the keys to a million dollar, fully furnished and tax-free mansion … and newborns.  (Just to name a few ;o)

Sweet little Baby G. most certainly falls in that category … just ask his mama.

He was the sweetest little snuggler, and the loudest little grunter I’ve met since the birth of my daughter.  It was love at first sight.

Ten teeny fingers, ten tiny toes … just as perfect as could be.

(And his daddy couldn’t be more proud :)

Congratulations on one very special delivery!  :)

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