Not Your Normal Day {book of the week}

February 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

You’re the only girl in town who can fly.  In fact, as far as you know, you’re the only person ever who has been able to fly.  And then you find yourself being taken away in a helicopter.

Definitely not your most normal of days.

We’ve all learned that people aren’t made with a cookie cutter.  We’re all different shapes, sizes, colors, and with different abilities.  This is such an obvious duh-that’s-life-so-what’s-the-big-deal thing that you’d think this topic was old hat, but the truth is, there does in fact seem to be a “cookie cutter” concept about what people ought be like.  This book, The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester, which is intended for the Grades 5-8 reading level, addresses this issue in a heart-touching tale of the consequences of such forced conformity. The Girl Who Could Fly 9780312602383: Victoria Forester: Books.

(Not the best photograph ever, but you get the idea ;) …and I think they’ve now changed the cover anyway.)

My children haven’t read this yet, but my daughter will soon be coming of age for it, and I look forward to sharing this book with her (and her younger brothers as well, as they will eventually follow suit.)  The manner in which this story is written is delightfully odd, introducing the now somewhat infamous line of “Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!”  (Go ahead and giggle at that one — I did.)  The main character, Piper McCloud, is developed in the same manner of unashamed  and uncommon simplicity, truly naive in her hope of just being allowed to be who she is — a small town girl coming into her own … who happens to be able to fly.    An obvious tale of the importance of  accepting people for who they are, only done in such a way as to not single out an existing group of people.  ( Big thumbs up from me on that one.)

Because all people need to be treated with kindness, whether they can fly or not.

Happy reading :)


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