Brown-Eyed Girl

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Meet Lyla.

Lyla, meet….everyone.  (Say “hi!”)

This little girl is something extra special to me.  Her mama and I go waaaaay back (not that far back — how old do you think we are? ;o) and when we received news that she was expecting their first child it was an incredibly joyous occasion.  The birth of her baby girl was only more exciting (and so was getting the chance to take photos for her;) and now, six months later, I am baffled by how much time could have gone by that quickly — for here she is now, sitting and smiling and looking oh-so-adorable in her pink little tutu.

This little one is so fun, so curious, and so very much wants to get a hold of my camera.

(Which she did come close to getting a few times ;o)

I have mentioned how adorable she is, right?

Not to mention that hat.  It’s perfect.

Of course I had to sneak in a few photos of the pretty mama as well …. I technically wasn’t supposed to take any, but I think she’ll forgive me :)

(I am forgiven, aren’t I Lyla?)

Hmm :)

Thank you so much baby Lyla, for bringing a smile to my day :)

(Love you!)


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