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A strange phenomenon has been happening lately.  Women of all ages, from all walks of life, are being …


It all started when my husband and I took our three miniatures to see Disney’s animated feature, “Tangled” in a local theater.  Jade loved the princess, Morgan adored the popcorn, and Liam found himself captivated by the scene where Flint, the unlikely hero and love interest, delivers his line of “here comes the smolder,” and then proceeds to make a face of squinty eyes and kissy lips with the intent of wooing his fair maiden.    And so it is, as Liam says when he has something stuck in his head, “I’m stuck to it Mom.”   (Apparently the fact that Flint is knocked over the head with a frying pan after delivering this smolder has no effect on its appeal whatsoever.)    

"Here comes the smolder."

Since that day I have been smoldered on a daily basis.  As have teachers, friends, family members, and any other woman that has been fortunate enough to share any part of any day with us….and the best part is, it is completely impossible not to adore it.  How remarkable is it that a twisted up face of squinty eyes and kissy lips brings a smile to your day?  And, as Liam discovered when he smoldered the dear lady working at the post office, it can also bring a fresh bakery-baked chocolate chip cookie (with instructions to share it with your younger brother of course.)  Who knew?

I am a lucky (smoldered) lady indeed :)

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