Bathtime Fun {book of the week}

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I am pulling an old favorite of ours off the shelf.  (Read: a very much abused, er, I mean loved, copy that will not be happily photographed.)  So I will leave it to you to click over to Amazon to check out the front cover, or to find it at your local library to flip through the pages.  And I truly hope you do so, for this little story is both fun and funny, pulling at the heartstrings of anyone who has any degree of sentiment over the bond between brothers.

Which I obviously do. No More Water in the Tub! 9780140564303: Tedd Arnold: Books.

No More Water In The Tub! by Tedd Arnold is a delightful book illustrating the story which older brother Walter tells younger brother William during young Will’s bath.  William is enthralled by the wild tale of a runaway bathtub in their apartment building, with him as it’s primary occupant.  My children have enjoyed this story immensely over the years, and now I am privileged enough to hear my own daughter read this story to her two younger brothers… during which, I can’t help but wonder at how very real a possibility it is to substitute my own Liam and Morgan with Walter and William’s characters, and the wild tale they themselves would have to tell :)

I hope you and your little ones enjoy this book — Happy Reading!


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