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Sessions are limited — Contact me for more info!  (info at jayandkayphotography dot com)  OR reach me at (kelsea dot fehlen at gmail dot com) as my new business will be launching in May! :)


High Heels, Feather Boas, and Crayons. {book of the week}

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For the record, I would just like to state how incredibly glorious it is outside today.  The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and a row of rubber boots are just waiting for us by the door :)  Welcome Spring — we have missed you!!  Can I get an “Amen!”??

Before my kids and I start clamoring to be the first one out of doors, I wanted to highlight the delightfully charming selection for this week’s Fun on Friday.  Grab your tea cups and hold up those pinkies because this week we’re reading Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor. With its exquisite vocabulary and adoring illustrations (done by Robin Preiss Glasser,) this wonderful children’s series is about as girly-girl and witty as they come.  Moms will love the new, er, fancy, vocabulary that Nancy will introduce to readers (with a little bit of French flair thrown in for good measure) as well as her genuine and honest heart.  One can’t help but fall in love.

As anyone knows, the first step in becoming fancy is your decor. Use the link below for free coloring printouts, color and decorate to your little ones heart’s content, then string along a ribbon to be strung in front of a window.  The light will shine through, making your colors glow more brightly than ever!

Mandalas coloring pages

A Sample Printout

It’s time to enjoy the fancy in life :)  Happy Reading!

The “Lee-lum” & His Birthday.

March 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

“Lee-lem” = Liam …. Lee-lum style :)

Or at least it used to.  Not so much anymore these days … somebody has been doing a bit of growing up this past year.

Namely this guy.

He had a birthday.

The days of incorrect name pronunciation have long been behind him.  (Well, at least his own name ;o)  I still hold tight to the memory though … as does the Wii, since we’ve never changed his Mii name from his three-year old self-proclaimed self.  Oops.

To keep things simple we could just call him Wolverine.

He certainly does look fierce :)

The hair is respectably wild.  We’ve at least got that much going on ;)

See that beautiful light?  Liam is reflecting it back up the ceiling.  So if the X-Men gig doesn’t pan out he could be a future scientist perhaps?  Or a physicist?

A surgeon?

Maybe.  For now though, he is one heck of a brother.

And an incredible son.

Happy Birthday Liam.

Let the party begin!

(Party photos coming soon.  Pinky promise :)

A Shout Out To Dinos + Veggies.

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Sometimes, you don’t need more than a road trip to Subway, two little giblets, and this song.  On repeat.  (It helps to be easily amused and have a long-time childhood love of VeggieTales :)

YouTube – VeggieTales – VeggieTales: Bellybutton.

I don’t know which is more amusing … how incredibly over-the-top-adorable this lyrical production is, or hearing Morgan try to sing along with it….his favorite words being, of course, “belly button.”  I just love his crisp little “t” and “l” sounds floating up from the backseat, while he does his best to keep his giggles from breaking his concentration.  “Funny!” he tells me :)  This is the first song that he seems to truly want to sing, aside from our nightly lullaby.  Sweet?


Another sweet and simple treasure is this week’s Fun on Friday book selection:  Dinosaur Roar! by Paul & Henrietta Stickland. With it’s vivid illustrations and simple and rhyming text, it is a perfect choice for very young readers.  (Not to mention that it seems to be a universal law that all children LOVE dinosaurs.  The combination is an instant winner.)

Happy Reading!

A Day For The Girls.

March 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

Birthdays have a magic that is all their own.  They have a way of putting a twinkle in your eye and a spring into your step, because this is a special day that belongs to you.

A day to be with friends.

A day for laughter to be shared.

A day to feel like a princess.

Jade was thrilled to have a few friends over to celebrate, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how full of joy she and her friends are when together, just loving life to the fullest.




Using some gorgeous scrapbook paper, straws, and some twine, each girl enjoyed making their own princess lei to match their ever-so-sparkly tiara.  The details for this project can be found here, simple as that: friday craft day : spring leis.  A cautionary word of advice — make sure that your paper punch holes are smaller than the diameter of your straw pieces.  (We were SO close.)  Live and learn.  Oh well — the girls had fun, regardless :)

(For the record, I love love LOVE birthday event photography.  There are just smiles and happiness all around!

…and new friends to be made :)

Once the necklaces were finished, the little group raced upstairs to the costume box … and prepared a skit :)

Cue one very well dressed mother, driving her car with her youngsters and kitty in tow.

Suddenly, without warning, the two “babies” decide that they want — no, NEED Kentucky Fried Chicken!!   Please please please PLEASE?!?

Mom kindly says no.

I bet you can’t guess what happens next?

Mom totally caves, delivering her line of ‘Fine — but just this once’ with perfection.

I just had to laugh.

It would seem that the little darlings have completely caught on to the way things go down :p

Morgan included.

(Just as a side note … Jade remained in her “sad, KFC-craving baby” character for a solid 15 minutes post-theater production.  Now that is dedication to the art ;)

To save myself some time and sanity, I prepared a cute little display of simple daisy cupcakes, as an alternative to my traditional (over the top)  cake.

Jade loved it…

…and Morgan protested all through the singing of “Happy Birthday,” making it very clear that he didn’t approve of how much this event lacked a celebration of his birthday.

It can be so hard being two at times.

Dancing the “Monster Mash” helped a bit though …

…as did the hat…

…and the fact that he has such an amazing older sister :)

Now — time to plan the BIG party.  Happy Birthday Jade and Liam!

How To Get Your Paint On {Fun on Friday}

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Grab your paint brushes!  Today, we are going rogue.

You see, I’ve had an idea.  As much as I love children’s books … well, there are other ways to spend quality time with your children while still encouraging the development of important skills.  So, to spice things up a bit, this week’s Fun on Friday is not going to involve a book.  It is going to involve some wonderfully blank canvas, a paint + paintbrush combo, your child’s incredibly unique creativity, and a badly-needs-to-be-filled wall space.

As it were, I just so happen to have such a space.  In my house there is a hallway that badly needed something. Without windows it is the darkest space in the house, and loving natural light the way I do, that alone is enough to bother me.  The fact that this darkest-space-in-the-house is also the space the receives the most traffic means that it has had the chance to bother me frequently …. and since knocking down part of an interior wall to add a window-of-sorts is apparently out of the question, I have decided that bringing a bit of bright color will do the trick.  What better artists to bring color to my life than the little ones I love more than anything in this world?

Cue a visit to everything-you-could-possibly-craft store Michael’s.  Being that we already had paints and brushes on hand, we simply needed three 24×30″ white canvases to complete the vision (obviously this number will vary depending upon the number of painters and the size of your wall space.)  Easy peasy.  Just be prepared for when you clarify to  the sales clerk that your children (who may or may not be using their new pez dispensers as swords at the time) are the intended artists and not you, that you may very well receive a look which will cause you to wonder if you’ve just unknowingly sprouted a second head.  It’s ok though — because today we are going rogue.

Adios Crayola.

Hello custom and colorful wall art.

(Do I detect a little Pollock from middle Morgan?  Who, by the way, was far too busy trying to sneak Liam’s slinky toy to be bothered with a photo.  So I let him off the hook.  For today. ;o)

Better than Etsy.  Better than Pollock.  It’s priceless.

Happy Painting!

Books + Snakes

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Remember this?

No Joke. « Kay’s Corner.

Well, there’s more.

Something along the lines of this ….

(fyi … I picked up some new templates recently…and miiiight have gone a little crazy with them today.  You’ll see.)

And this ….

….and a little bit of this.

It was a wonderfully fun way to spend an afternoon with the kids.

(But I’ll be ok if we leave the snakes at home next time ;)

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