How To Get Your Paint On {Fun on Friday}

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Grab your paint brushes!  Today, we are going rogue.

You see, I’ve had an idea.  As much as I love children’s books … well, there are other ways to spend quality time with your children while still encouraging the development of important skills.  So, to spice things up a bit, this week’s Fun on Friday is not going to involve a book.  It is going to involve some wonderfully blank canvas, a paint + paintbrush combo, your child’s incredibly unique creativity, and a badly-needs-to-be-filled wall space.

As it were, I just so happen to have such a space.  In my house there is a hallway that badly needed something. Without windows it is the darkest space in the house, and loving natural light the way I do, that alone is enough to bother me.  The fact that this darkest-space-in-the-house is also the space the receives the most traffic means that it has had the chance to bother me frequently …. and since knocking down part of an interior wall to add a window-of-sorts is apparently out of the question, I have decided that bringing a bit of bright color will do the trick.  What better artists to bring color to my life than the little ones I love more than anything in this world?

Cue a visit to everything-you-could-possibly-craft store Michael’s.  Being that we already had paints and brushes on hand, we simply needed three 24×30″ white canvases to complete the vision (obviously this number will vary depending upon the number of painters and the size of your wall space.)  Easy peasy.  Just be prepared for when you clarify to  the sales clerk that your children (who may or may not be using their new pez dispensers as swords at the time) are the intended artists and not you, that you may very well receive a look which will cause you to wonder if you’ve just unknowingly sprouted a second head.  It’s ok though — because today we are going rogue.

Adios Crayola.

Hello custom and colorful wall art.

(Do I detect a little Pollock from middle Morgan?  Who, by the way, was far too busy trying to sneak Liam’s slinky toy to be bothered with a photo.  So I let him off the hook.  For today. ;o)

Better than Etsy.  Better than Pollock.  It’s priceless.

Happy Painting!


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