A Day For The Girls.

March 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

Birthdays have a magic that is all their own.  They have a way of putting a twinkle in your eye and a spring into your step, because this is a special day that belongs to you.

A day to be with friends.

A day for laughter to be shared.

A day to feel like a princess.

Jade was thrilled to have a few friends over to celebrate, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how full of joy she and her friends are when together, just loving life to the fullest.




Using some gorgeous scrapbook paper, straws, and some twine, each girl enjoyed making their own princess lei to match their ever-so-sparkly tiara.  The details for this project can be found here, simple as that: friday craft day : spring leis.  A cautionary word of advice — make sure that your paper punch holes are smaller than the diameter of your straw pieces.  (We were SO close.)  Live and learn.  Oh well — the girls had fun, regardless :)

(For the record, I love love LOVE birthday event photography.  There are just smiles and happiness all around!

…and new friends to be made :)

Once the necklaces were finished, the little group raced upstairs to the costume box … and prepared a skit :)

Cue one very well dressed mother, driving her car with her youngsters and kitty in tow.

Suddenly, without warning, the two “babies” decide that they want — no, NEED Kentucky Fried Chicken!!   Please please please PLEASE?!?

Mom kindly says no.

I bet you can’t guess what happens next?

Mom totally caves, delivering her line of ‘Fine — but just this once’ with perfection.

I just had to laugh.

It would seem that the little darlings have completely caught on to the way things go down :p

Morgan included.

(Just as a side note … Jade remained in her “sad, KFC-craving baby” character for a solid 15 minutes post-theater production.  Now that is dedication to the art ;)

To save myself some time and sanity, I prepared a cute little display of simple daisy cupcakes, as an alternative to my traditional (over the top)  cake.

Jade loved it…

…and Morgan protested all through the singing of “Happy Birthday,” making it very clear that he didn’t approve of how much this event lacked a celebration of his birthday.

It can be so hard being two at times.

Dancing the “Monster Mash” helped a bit though …

…as did the hat…

…and the fact that he has such an amazing older sister :)

Now — time to plan the BIG party.  Happy Birthday Jade and Liam!


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