A Shout Out To Dinos + Veggies.

March 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes, you don’t need more than a road trip to Subway, two little giblets, and this song.  On repeat.  (It helps to be easily amused and have a long-time childhood love of VeggieTales :)

YouTube – VeggieTales – VeggieTales: Bellybutton.

I don’t know which is more amusing … how incredibly over-the-top-adorable this lyrical production is, or hearing Morgan try to sing along with it….his favorite words being, of course, “belly button.”  I just love his crisp little “t” and “l” sounds floating up from the backseat, while he does his best to keep his giggles from breaking his concentration.  “Funny!” he tells me :)  This is the first song that he seems to truly want to sing, aside from our nightly lullaby.  Sweet?


Another sweet and simple treasure is this week’s Fun on Friday book selection:  Dinosaur Roar! by Paul & Henrietta Stickland. With it’s vivid illustrations and simple and rhyming text, it is a perfect choice for very young readers.  (Not to mention that it seems to be a universal law that all children LOVE dinosaurs.  The combination is an instant winner.)

Happy Reading!

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