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Right now I am surviving on post-it notes.  Have a thought, write it on a post-it.  I’m hooked.  If I could, I would stick several oddly yellow post-it notes to my monitor and call it a blog posting, were it not for the fact that you wouldn’t be able to see it.  Boo.  So here goes:

    • POST-IT #1:   If you haven’t heard already, there is a GIVEAWAY going on the Jay & Kay Photography facebook page.  Interested in scoring a free mini session for you or a friend/daughter/son/that nice person that lives down the street?  Find the details here.
    • POST-IT #2:   I have fallen in love with a new book.  This discovery came from the school library, and is called The Feelings Book by Todd Parr.    Before children can understand and manage their emotions (and in turn their behavioral response to these emotions,) they must first know what these emotions are.  This book does just that, in clear and colorful fashion.

Love it.

  • POST-IT #3:   If your child has ever dreamed of flying across the glorious sky with a beautiful pair of wings, then you need to check out these DIY Bird Wings for Children.  How cool is that?

Have a wonderful weekend – May it be a little bit of everything!  (Now THAT definitely needs to go on a post-it ;o)  Happy reading!


Hidden Treasure.

April 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

From my family to yours …..

We hope you had a wonderful Easter, and found all you were looking for :)

{Linking up to The Simple Things once again …. my mothering heart just loves this tiny moment too much not to.}

p.s. As a side note, you may be interested in knowing that the fam and I did indulge in a little egg dying over the weekend, as per the goal that was set in Friday’s posting.  Nothing that will cause dear Martha to turn green with envy … but we think they’re beautiful just the same :)

{vintage egg}

{not-so-vintage eggs}

So.  Who’s up for egg salad?

Cue the Egg {craft of the week}

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Happy Earth Day!

{Confession:  I did not plant a tree today.  For some inexplicable reason, there is a distinct you-know-it’s-the-right-thing-to-do urge to plant a tree on Earth Day.  Really, it’s the least I could do, being that I am fully aware of the fact that our current number of ‘trees in the woods’ status is down by two after they lost an arm wrestling match with some recently strong winds.  Unnecessary bullying to say the least … but, there you have it.  Time to plant a tree.  Or two.}

Also, Happy Easter!  (Isn’t multitasking fabulous?)

{Confession:  We haven’t dyed our eggs yet.   Oops.}

Perhaps some of you are in the same boat of procrastination?  (Seriously, why would anyone want to procrastinate doling out cups of dye out to three I’m-so-excited-I-can’t-sit-still kiddos.  Nope.  Not a single reason comes to mind.  Other than the desire to keep the nearby walls the continuous solid color that they are.  And yes, I’m exaggerating a tad.  At least I truly hope that is an exaggeration.)  So I did what any mother would do in this situation:  I googled to find ways to make this project even more complicated.

First, I stumbled upon this delightfully information post on dying eggs naturally on Martha Stewart’s website.  I love that this adds a bit of Earth Day flair to the ol’ egg dying tradition!

Or…for a different kind of flair entirely, check out these incredible beauties that I stumbled upon at NAPCP.

Certainly making eggs as glorious as those would make up for not planting a tree on Earth Day, don’t you think?  We’ll see how Round 1 goes tomorrow ;o)

Happy Crafting, Happy Earth Day, Happy Easter!


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Rumor has it that there may be a light coating of snow on the ground when we wake up in the morning.

I don’t want to talk about that though.  I really do not want to talk about that.  (I’m rooting heavily for the “may not” option that always accompanies a “may” possibility.)

Instead, I am going to look ahead to the future.  To viable spring planting.  To a seventy degree day that doesn’t have a blizzard following on its heels.  Yup.  Keeping my eyes trained on that beautiful golden horizon.

It looks a little something like this.

I brought these beauties home a couple weeks ago, my mind’s eye filled with visions of fresh dirt, , empty planting containers, and a splash of color gracing our front steps.  After a long winter, it is quite the tantalizing thought…and so it is that I am fixated on that goal.  I.will.plant.again.

You have probably noticed that Spring (or is it Winter? Personally, I’d prefer to blame Winter) has decided to teach us a lesson in patience this year. “Untimely,” “inconvenient,” and “unwanted” are three words that immediately come to mind, but I have nonetheless resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be planting tomorrow. Or probably the next day, or even the day after that. That splash of color gracing the front steps will just have to wait for another day. Being a “look to the future” kind of gal, I find myself often eagerly planning what’s around the next corner, whether it’s a project for our home, for the business, for the kids etc. Perhaps this is a not-so-subtle lesson in remembering to take note of the good things of today … our home, my business, my children…and the incredible bouquets of color that I have gracing my dining room…

Patiently waiting for Spring.

If they can do it, so can I.

(Just please don’t mention a word to me about snow ;)


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What attitude.

Bookworm. {book of the week}

April 14, 2011 § 6 Comments

Jade has gone M-I-A.

Yes, it’s true.  My beautiful, sweet, innocent little girl is now Madly Into Allthetimereading.

Fortunately, her reading skills surpass my ability to create clever acronyms.

Today, she is not sitting on our front porch.  Today, she is with Kirsten and Marta, on their new American adventure.

There is no distracting her.

Reflecting on how I too read these very same books myself when I was a child, I really can’t blame her.  (Just be careful with the pages dear.  What you hold in your hands now is practically vintage.)

So it probably comes as no surprise that the American Girl series, specifically our favorite Kirsten, is the Fun on Friday book-of-the-week selection.  Er, well, books.  Lots and lots and lots of books ….

Something tells me that Jade is not going to be available for awhile ;o)

Happy Reading!

– 04.17.2011 –

p.s. I’ve decided to link up with Simple As That’s simple things Sunday again!  (Did you see that she selected the last post to be showcased on her blog? SO cool!  Thanks for reading!  xo, Kelsea

Sunday and Simple.

April 10, 2011 § 14 Comments

Today I am linking up to the delightful Rebecca Cooper’s blog, Simple As That, for her weekly Simple Things photo challenge.  The arrival of spring has been highly anticipated in our house, and despite his limited years of experience, my youngest is no exception.  Could it really be finally here? :)


Enjoy your simple things on this Sunday!

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