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There have been a lot of thoughts tumbling about in my head lately, many of which concern this blog, and which direction I want to take it in.  So I’ve poured myself into researching what a good blog ought to be, and I have found:  1) a good professional blog is not a personal blog and 2) a good professional blog is stronger if it includes posts of a personal nature.

If you’re frowning at that line, you’re not alone.  This is some seriously heavy stuff.

So I’ve taken a step back from it, to give myself pause and review.  It’s amazing how a little distance can give you the right (or at least your own) perspective.  And that is exactly the “ah ha!” moment that I had — this blog is my own.  It is my own to enjoy, my own to design, and my own to make it the best blog that it can possibly be in order to share with my incredibly wonderful readers a little  reprieve and enjoyment during our busy days.  When I asked myself what I want this blog to be I came to these realizations:

Above all else, this blog is about photography. My passion, my work, yes, but even more importantly, your photos.  In my eyes, a blog goes beyond business.  These are images of lives that you may or may not know, but feel a connection to simply because they too are living the same wonderment of life as you are.  The twinkle in a child’s eye, the shyness in their smile, the exuberance in their laughter, a quiet moment in the arms of their mother, the sweetness of a newborn … tiny moments experienced by all, but are still uniquely their own.  It is a treasure that we all share together here.

Family time together. How many of us have longed for the simpler days?  Our lives are becoming incredibly busy, and family time, which has no looming and imminent deadline staring us in the eye, can easily be pushed off until tomorrow.  It is for this reason that I would like to keep the Fun on Friday series alive (and hopefully well.)  The idea of families coming together to check out the book of the week, craft of the week, or whatever “together” project that has caught my eye just warms my heart.  It is my wish to not only provide a source of fun and inspiration, but to also keep myself focused on that same goal as well.  Because as unbelievable as it might seem to me now, there is a looming deadline on time with family — children grow and grow and eventually grow up.  Deadline.  And as much as I love photography, as much as I cherish every client I work with and every image that crosses this desk, I don’t want that deadline sneaking up on me.  I too want to stay focused.

Me. My life, the people that are in it, the funny things they say, they crazy outfits they insist on wearing.  I want this to be more than just another photography blog with the disillusion of perfection on the computer screen — I want there to be life behind the lens.  Spilled milk, scraped knees, and toys in the living room that I’m just starting to write off as being part of the decor.  Because to me, without life there cannot be photography.  To me, they are one and the same, and it is my desire to have this blog incorporate that.

You. The readers.  Your thoughts.  Your reactions.  The memory that a certain image reminds you of.  Whether you’re local or from halfway across the globe, I would love to hear it.

So thank you.  Thank you for being patient and for giving me the time I need to think.  To plan.  To prepare.  Thank you for coming back here to share this adventure with me post after post after post.  You rock.  There will be a new blog.  There will be a new name, a new layout, new colors.  But it will still be the same me.  Except maybe perhaps a more certain one :)  It is my fervent dream that you will continue to join me during this journey — I truly love having you here, and hearing your feedback.  Cheers to a fresh beginning!

xoxo, Kelsea

My youngest and his Elephant, enjoying (at last!) some spring weather.

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