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April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Happy Earth Day!

{Confession:  I did not plant a tree today.  For some inexplicable reason, there is a distinct you-know-it’s-the-right-thing-to-do urge to plant a tree on Earth Day.  Really, it’s the least I could do, being that I am fully aware of the fact that our current number of ‘trees in the woods’ status is down by two after they lost an arm wrestling match with some recently strong winds.  Unnecessary bullying to say the least … but, there you have it.  Time to plant a tree.  Or two.}

Also, Happy Easter!  (Isn’t multitasking fabulous?)

{Confession:  We haven’t dyed our eggs yet.   Oops.}

Perhaps some of you are in the same boat of procrastination?  (Seriously, why would anyone want to procrastinate doling out cups of dye out to three I’m-so-excited-I-can’t-sit-still kiddos.  Nope.  Not a single reason comes to mind.  Other than the desire to keep the nearby walls the continuous solid color that they are.  And yes, I’m exaggerating a tad.  At least I truly hope that is an exaggeration.)  So I did what any mother would do in this situation:  I googled to find ways to make this project even more complicated.

First, I stumbled upon this delightfully information post on dying eggs naturally on Martha Stewart’s website.  I love that this adds a bit of Earth Day flair to the ol’ egg dying tradition!

Or…for a different kind of flair entirely, check out these incredible beauties that I stumbled upon at NAPCP.

Certainly making eggs as glorious as those would make up for not planting a tree on Earth Day, don’t you think?  We’ll see how Round 1 goes tomorrow ;o)

Happy Crafting, Happy Earth Day, Happy Easter!


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