A Little Bit of Everything {craft + book of the week}

April 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Right now I am surviving on post-it notes.  Have a thought, write it on a post-it.  I’m hooked.  If I could, I would stick several oddly yellow post-it notes to my monitor and call it a blog posting, were it not for the fact that you wouldn’t be able to see it.  Boo.  So here goes:

    • POST-IT #1:   If you haven’t heard already, there is a GIVEAWAY going on the Jay & Kay Photography facebook page.  Interested in scoring a free mini session for you or a friend/daughter/son/that nice person that lives down the street?  Find the details here.
    • POST-IT #2:   I have fallen in love with a new book.  This discovery came from the school library, and is called The Feelings Book by Todd Parr.    Before children can understand and manage their emotions (and in turn their behavioral response to these emotions,) they must first know what these emotions are.  This book does just that, in clear and colorful fashion.

Love it.

  • POST-IT #3:   If your child has ever dreamed of flying across the glorious sky with a beautiful pair of wings, then you need to check out these DIY Bird Wings for Children.  How cool is that?

Have a wonderful weekend – May it be a little bit of everything!  (Now THAT definitely needs to go on a post-it ;o)  Happy reading!


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