I once heard someone say, “Do what you love, and do it well.”  Wise words to live by … but not always practical to follow.  My love for photography started at a young age — while most children were spending their nickels and dimes on bubble gum and funky gadgets, I would search out professional photographs at the local state park.  The vivid beauty of a still image, of a moment perfectly preserved in time, captivated me.  In my school days I joined the Photography Club and was given the assignment of discovering how many different photos I could take of an inanimate object …. never before (or since, for that matter) had I spent so much time studying every angle of a fire hydrant, and ended up using an entire roll of film.  In college, my love for the photograph encouraged an interest in the field of modeling….introducing me to professionals who continue to inspire me to this day.  With the birth of my first child I came to realize my passion for photographing children — their faces hold such honest and genuine emotions that, when captured just right, create the most beautiful images in the world.  Yet, in spite of this passion, I never seriously considered making photography a career — until now. With much tutoring, self teaching and practice, I am on track to being the photographer that I dream to be, in a profession that I had never quite fully realized I dreamed to be in.  As a part of Jay & Kay Photography, I can now genuinely say that I am doing what I love, and continually work to do it well.

Welcome to my journey.


Interested in more Jay & Kay Photography?  Find us at http://www.jayandkayphotography.com

Contact me at:  info@jayandkayphotography.com


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  • photobyholly says:

    Kelsea, congratulations on following your dream! I didn’t discover my passion for photography until very recently, but I also found that I love taking pictures of my two boys for the same reason that you describe. You have beautiful photos here, and I look forward to following more on your blog!

    • What a terribly belated response this is … but thank you, Holly! I never thought it possible, but my passion is fueled on a daily basis as I learn more and more about this incredible profession. I wish you the very best in your newly discovered photographic journey, and welcome you to the blog! :)

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