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Awhile back, I made a promise to a little monkey.  Something about the glories of blogging fame and the like.

It is a post that is long overdue.

So here it is :)

Isn’t he cute?  I’m a sucker for those soft and chubby cheeks, big smile, and furrowed brow + pout lip combo.  The downside to this is that supposedly he’s grown over the past year, and therefore is, well, older now.


I’m not sure how I feel about that one.

The Little Monkey has a Not-So-Little Dog Friend. Otherwise known as Rylee.

It hardly seems fair to have only gotten three days in which to soak up all this six-month old sweetness.  We made the most of it though…

In other words, I stalked him with my camera in hand.  I’m nothing if not a camera-stalker-auntie.

Which I fully intend on doing again later this summer :)

As it just so happens, my long-distance friend is a camera toting mama too!  Check out her brand new blog here and tell her Kelsea sent you!  (Because she has no clue that I’m posting this … hehehe.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

~ Kelsea


Sunday and Simple.

April 10, 2011 § 14 Comments

Today I am linking up to the delightful Rebecca Cooper’s blog, Simple As That, for her weekly Simple Things photo challenge.  The arrival of spring has been highly anticipated in our house, and despite his limited years of experience, my youngest is no exception.  Could it really be finally here? :)


Enjoy your simple things on this Sunday!

A Smile like Sunshine

April 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ll admit, my blogging has been very lackluster has of late.  Ok, ok, it’s been downright nonexistent :(  Once May comes around all that will change though…and while the details are still a secret (seriously, I have told NO ONE, save for a few special select who have been sworn to secrecy) everything new and exciting will be coming to light soon.  Of course, all this “behind the curtains” action makes me all the more excited to share it with you when everything is ready!  (Click over to the previous post “Big News” to sneak a peek at a mini session event I have coming up!)

In the meantime, I have a treat for you.  A smile so darling, that you are sure to forgive all the missed blog posts of past (and that are still likely to come…)

Baby M, now six months!

What love she has for her parents!  Her sweet face looking up at them tells it all :)

Photographing this sweet smile is always a time that I treasure … one can’t help but smile in return.  I look forward to seeing you again little one! :)

Little Lady.

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The cutest li’l lady you ever did see came to visit the other day.

One of those precious souls that is filled to the brim with personality and sweetness…

Who has that little twinkle in their eye…

So that when she smiled…I knew a piece of my heart was about to melt.

I was putty in her perfectly chubby little hands.

Since you only turn one once, we decided to do it right :)

Have you ever seen anything sweeter?

Neither have I :)

Daddy was even offered some of the loot.

Now that is love.

Being the brave northerners that we are, we decided to bundle up and step outside the studio….where we were greeted with considerably mild temps, but disappointingly icy conditions.

So that was a wrap :)

Thank you so much to darling K, and her parents for blessing me with this wonderful morning.  Her beautiful eyes and smile still warm my heart!

Brown-Eyed Girl

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Meet Lyla.

Lyla, meet….everyone.  (Say “hi!”)

This little girl is something extra special to me.  Her mama and I go waaaaay back (not that far back — how old do you think we are? ;o) and when we received news that she was expecting their first child it was an incredibly joyous occasion.  The birth of her baby girl was only more exciting (and so was getting the chance to take photos for her;) and now, six months later, I am baffled by how much time could have gone by that quickly — for here she is now, sitting and smiling and looking oh-so-adorable in her pink little tutu.

This little one is so fun, so curious, and so very much wants to get a hold of my camera.

(Which she did come close to getting a few times ;o)

I have mentioned how adorable she is, right?

Not to mention that hat.  It’s perfect.

Of course I had to sneak in a few photos of the pretty mama as well …. I technically wasn’t supposed to take any, but I think she’ll forgive me :)

(I am forgiven, aren’t I Lyla?)

Hmm :)

Thank you so much baby Lyla, for bringing a smile to my day :)

(Love you!)

That’s My Plastic.

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

I happened upon this photo today…..

An oldie but a goodie, dug out from beneath the depths of my computer.  Ok, so that’s slightly dramatic perhaps — it’s a photo that was just taken at the tail end of this past summer.  Some of you faithful readers might recognize this photo from a post long ago though, and while this photo still has me chuckling as much as the day I snapped it, it’s also left me wondering:  Why the suspicious sidelong glance, as though someone were waiting in the shadows, ready to pounce on his plastic fisher price cuisine at any given moment?  Is this a by product of being the youngest of three?  Is nothing ever truly safe in the hands of my littlest red-headed boy?

That’s when I came across this photo, taken just days earlier, at his birthday party….

And laughed.

Isn’t everything always because of a girl? ;)

Three-Quarters Half-Grown

January 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

I pay no attention to rumors.  Nor should anyone, for that matter.  However, I have heard talk circulating which suggests that all children grow up too quickly. This is just talk of course, right?  Nothing but the chitter chatter of those with too much time on their hands.

Except the thing is…. I think they might be right.

I had two awesome little boys come to visit me in-studio recently, and by “little boys” I mean one who will legally be permitted to drive a motorized vehicle much sooner than any of us so called “older folk” would care to admit.  Do include myself in that category of disbelief, for I remember when my husband and I had our first dance at their parents’ wedding, and that memory is much too clear in my mind to have happened years ago.  More like it happened yesterday, right?


Evidently not.

It would seem that the rumors are, in fact, true:

All children do grow up too quickly.

Which, admittedly, is pretty darn cool if you’re the one who’s a kid.

Correction:  If you’re a cool kid.

(Which I think is pretty obvious that these two are.)

I’m also fairly certain that if you look up the definition for “brothers” in the all knowing Webster dictionary, you’ll find this little series of images prominently displayed…

Or if it’s not, then it should be :)

Because even better than being a cool kid is being a cool brother …

A concept that these two have undoubtedly gotten the hang of :)

Thanks again to this wonderful family for the fun filled morning of laughs and Laffy Taffy Jokes … and Mom & Dad?  You better keep a close watch on those car keys of yours ;o)

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