Rain, Rain, Go Away.

September 20, 2010 § 4 Comments

It’s 11:15am on Wednesday.  I have hit the road, with one eye on the slightly-too-dark clouds that threaten the sky.  It wasn’t raining though — wasn’t it supposed to be raining by now?  Hmm.  Maybe the weatherman was wrong — it wouldn’t be the first time.  Maybe it won’t rain until tonight…..maybe….

I should have knocked on wood.  I should know better by now.

As if on cue, rain suddenly started pouring down like someone had kicked over a giant bucket filled with an endless supply of water.  The kind of rain that makes you wonder if perhaps you should have left the minivan at home, and taken the ark with you instead.  The kind of rain that soaks you through and through in 1.5 seconds.   The kind of rain that does not make you say “I want to go golfing today.”

What you may or may not realize about golfers — especially golfers on a mission to support a great organization like Family Pathways — is that they are hard core to the core.  Rain?  No sweat. Cold wind?  Bring it on. An 18 hole course with the afore mentioned weather conditions?  When do I start?

Roughly 100 brave souls showed up in support of the event, and fortunately the wind and rain let up shortly after the shotgun start.  For nearly 2 hours the rain held off, and it did not go unappreciated as spirits were high even as the temperature steadily dropped.  Making my way along the golf course in my newly mastered golf cart (if that doesn’t red flag me as being NOT a golfer, nothing will) I enjoyed being able to meet each team.  Everyone humored me with a smile, and many humored me with humor — little had I known that not one, but two golfers were under the wing of the witness protection program, and therefore could not be photographed (wink wink ;o)  The odds of that were incredible, but for obvious reasons, their names cannot be released at this time.   :)

As you can see, the fun didn’t end there!

All good things must come to an end though, and soon our 2 hour window of dryness was over, and we were once again back to having buckets of water being dumped on our heads.  By Banquet Time golfers were soggy and freezing, but the warm meal and team photos that greeted them had the good times rolling once again!

Due to the miserable conditions, the Putt Off was improvised indoors!

Doesn’t he look happy?  He should be — he just won a big screen tv in the raffle!

Did we win honey?

Bidding at the Silent Auction

It was a wonderful evening for a wonderful cause, and I am fortunate to have been a part of it.  If you would like to see the rest of the photos from the day’s events please visit my website, and I encourage you to explore how you can also support Family Pathways — a fantastic organization helping out those in need in the local community.  I can’t think of a better reason for golfing, can you?


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