Special Delivery

February 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

The best things in life come in the smallest of packages.

Diamond rings …. the keys to a million dollar, fully furnished and tax-free mansion … and newborns.  (Just to name a few ;o)

Sweet little Baby G. most certainly falls in that category … just ask his mama.

He was the sweetest little snuggler, and the loudest little grunter I’ve met since the birth of my daughter.  It was love at first sight.

Ten teeny fingers, ten tiny toes … just as perfect as could be.

(And his daddy couldn’t be more proud :)

Congratulations on one very special delivery!  :)


Little Man

January 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

In many ways, photographing children is full of trickery.  Silly jokes/faces/voices/songs/you name it — all with the grand scheme of breaking the ice and unearthing a child’s gorgeous smile.  There was no immediately fooling this little one though.  He definitely knew we were up to something, and he was determined to find out just what the something was.

He studied everything very carefully, with many looks over to his parents to verify that this was, in fact, an ok deal.  No doubt wondering what this big ol’ black thing was that I kept sticking in front of my face.  But wait — Peek a boo?  Hmm….well….maybe….

There he is!

Aren’t adoring parents simply wonderful?  You could just feel that first-born wonderment in the air :)

(Something tells me that he noticed it too :)

He looked beautiful in blue, as sweet little boys often do.

Then, nestled in daddy’s arms, he eventually grew sleepy.  (Which sweet little boys often do :)

Every detail so sweet and treasured…

As sweet parents often do.

Congratulations on a perfect little miracle :)


January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

“All babies are beautiful.”

(Just call it a golden rule…)

This sweet little pea is no exception.

Every little detail,

Every moment,

Is fleeting and so precious.

Just a tiny little bundle of beauty.

Actually, make that a tiny little sleeping bundle of beauty :)

(And with already a couple of friends to speak of ;o)

Wasn’t that a cute photo idea her mama had?  So soft and pink … and 100% girl.

Congratulations and best wishes to a beautiful new happy family!

Teensy Tiny Turkey

December 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

While the rest of us were preparing to give thanks, someone else was preparing to give birth.

(See her here —>) Any Day Now … « Kay’s Corner.

And are we ever thankful that she did.

Could he be any more perfect?

I highly doubt it.

This session was done on location, and the warm colors of the family’s home were so very inspiring.  I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed getting out of the studio for a bit of “fresh air!”

Welcome to the world, Baby Atlas!

Naturally, I couldn’t resist his big sister, and snapped this little action sequence …

…And I’m still giggling.  What a softy I am when it comes to silly girls and sweet little boys.  I should have known that with these two, I never stood a chance ;o)

Any Day Now …

November 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

…..This little girl is going to become a big sister.

She’s ruled the roost for awhile now….

But that is soon going to change.

(Or….maybe not ;)

Any day now, this once first-time-mama is going to become a mother-of-two..

….and the love in her heart is going to double beyond what she ever thought possible.

(As will how full her hands are ;)

Our session was “interrupted” by a discovery of the strangest looking rock…..Wait, nope, that’s a TOAD!

As you can see, the fate of Mr. Toad needed a little discussion.  (But I now have a birthday present idea that Aila is sure to love ;o)

So — the point of our project was to take some maternity photos, which we inevitably did, and in which Mama T. looks absolutely amazing.

So lovely :)  Pregnancy is such a fleeting time, and the ability to actually grow and nurture another little human being is incredible.  It can also be a very challenging time, both emotionally and physically, and to be able to provide images that portray the beauty of a woman with child is an absolute honor.  Pregnancy is more than just growing a baby — it is a time of radiant beauty.

Please visit my website at the link below to view more images that are in ‘full beauty’ style — an art with a beauty all it’s own.

Maternity Photography – Jay & Kay Photography.

At the kids’ request, we ended our time with a little playground fun.  Enjoy!

Blessings and congratulations on the new addition to the family, I simply cannot wait to meet him or her!

Big Sister, Little Sister

November 3, 2010 § 3 Comments

Meet Big Sister.

She is one smart little cookie.  (She spelled her name all by herself ….. and she wasn’t even four yet.)

She also has impeccable taste in books, and being that we had a little extra time on our hands, we read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein together.  (Or at least the first part of it …. let’s see if we can finish it next time Addi!  :)

Meet Little Sister.

She is made of so much sugar ….

and just a little spice….

Definitely made of all things nice.

Separately sweet, but just right together ….

being one of the girls….

I don’t think there’s anything better.

Congratulations on the new addition!  I have a feeling she’s going to fit right in :)

Hawaiian Honey

November 2, 2010 § 5 Comments

First and foremost, before I do anything else, I would like to begin with a public service announcement.  Well, two actually.  (Plus some baby photos that are sure to make you reconsider your decision to not have another one.)

  1. Toy Story 3 comes out on DVD and Blu-ray today.  This is a big deal.  Ok, so it’s a HUGE deal.  Children have not forgotten that this day is coming, so if you did, don’t worry — there’s still time to pretend that you didn’t!       Amazon.com: Toy Story 3 (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy): Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Ned Beatty, Michael Keaton, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Lee Unkrich: Movies & TV: Reviews, Prices & more.
  2. It’s Election Day!  Don’t forget to use your right to vote (if for no other reason than to celebrate that those political campaign phone calls will finally be coming to an end!)
  3. Today I will introduce you to a rule breaking newborn.

I say “rule breaking” because in every What To Expect book I’ve ever looked in, kind-hearted publishers always seem to be trying to prepare us new mothers for what our newborn will actually look like.  We are told not to expect the chubby little cherubs that are the trademark of a three-month old.  Heart-tuggingly sweet faces, yes …. but just with arms and legs that are less chubby and more chicken-like.  Not this little one though — she had other plans in mind.  At just seven days old, meet…..


It’s ok if your heart melts at the sight of her.  Mine certainly did.

In case you’re wondering, yes, those are real smiles.  No gas here.

I’d like to know her secret.  Are those blessed Hawaiian genetics to be credited?  Did her mother add some secret ingredient to her morning oatmeal?  Does the family have an “in” with the stork??  Whatever her secret …. her mama did an amazing job baking this little bun in the oven!

Congratulations to Mama L on a beautiful baby girl — I truly enjoyed meeting her.  Now, go cuddle that cute little chunker :)

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