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My Liam loves to talk and tell stories.  He loves it so much that he’s often in a hurry to tell you more, and so rushes through his words so quickly that he’ll sometimes skip a sound or two in order to reach the end result sooner.  The “s” sound is apparently one of the phonemes he has deemed as being of lesser importance, and so words like “smell” and “smile” often are rattled off as “mell” and “mile.”  It is in this way that we have come to have spooky, I mean, pooky Halloweens.

I must admit that I have to agree — this Halloween weekend was one of our pookiest!

Jade took her role of clown very seriously …. providing a wide range of talents and facial expressions that you might expect a goofy clown to have….

Liam took his role of Super Ninja Extraordinaire no less seriously than he did on Friday (see previous post ;)

We carved pumpkins …. giggling at the gooey grossness, and (thankfully) resisting the urge to wipe some on a nearby sibling.  Morgan, the ever observant, reasoned that a spoon would be a much better alternative to bare little fingers ….

Can you guess who designed which pumpkin?

So it was, after a whirlwind weekend of cookie making, pumpkin carving, face painting, and photo taking, it was finally time for the grand finale of TRICK-OR-TREATING!!  (Again!  Only this time Jade was able to come with :)  It was a grand old time, filled with shrieks and excitement — Even when Liam was somehow overlooked in a crowd of trick-or-treaters, and left standing alone by the door, with his bucket still held out …. waiting like a poor sweet little lone ninja.  The family soon realized their oversight and were quick to remedy it, which suited Liam just fine and he walked back to us exclaiming,  “I was waiting and she shut the door on me!” giggling all the while.  He truly has the heart of a ninja warrior…  Only his has been dipped in sweetness.

As for next year, he’s going to be Wolverine.

Very pooky, indeed ;)

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